Meet the Woogi Crew

People are the most important thing in any business

Woogi... I was driving trans Canada in 2003.. A drive that took a while in my old Subaru named EMU. I came across a small town, May have been called Good Grief. 

At each end of this thumb sized town is a traffic light. I pulled up to the red light and didn't notice immediately, but to my right was the most regal Clydesdale horse! tall and grey flowing mane. Riding the horse there is a Canadian Indian.    

A top is a Canadian Indian. He looked a little like John Wayne, relaxed in his saddle. I got out of EMU and started a chat while taking a couple pics. 


Lester (The Indian) was talking about his journey around the world, his time mining oil sands in northern Canada and times catching crab on the open seas. 

After a long chat Lester parted but left me with some pearls of wisdom.. 

"No point spitting on a bush fire" " If you have a good horse you can go anywhere"

The horse's name was Woogi. 

Lester and Woogi. 


Firdha "Dreamy" 

Dreamy definitely heads up the Personality and Culture department of Woogi. Seemingly with no end to her energy, you can often find Dreamy dancing along singing and having fun and that’s just what she does at work! See for yourself at Woogi Too


Ash "Nickname Pending" 

Ash is a cool kid, always level headed especially under pressure. She makes very consistent coffee and has a friendly customer service approach. Ash is waiting to be assigned a nickname! Maybe you can help us?  Post some suggestions on our Facebook page. The winner gets $20 coffee voucher. 



Cindy Luu "Cha" 

This is were it all began. Cindy was our first employee as Woogi Espresso and 7 years on she is still and important part of our rag tag team. Cindy heads up catering team, you'll get to chat to her when your ordering Woogi fresh daily catering. 


Chigusa "Yakuza"

I'm joking she is actually a great girl!  Loves to drive at 2am to the kitchen, it’s her favourite time on the road because there are "no idiots driving" she says. If you stick your head through the kitchen window at Bon, Chi will be smiling back. 


Dom "Tiny Dancer"

If I say his nickname enough eventually it will stick! Dom is actually a trained dancer - not the kind that gets $1 bills stuffed in his jocks- that’s why he works for Woogi. 


Blair  "Woogi One" "Silver Fox" "The Diplomat"

With his devilishly good looks, the Silver Fox likes to charm the ladies out of their milk money and into an Extra Hot Skinny Flat white. 


Frank  "Woogi Too" "Boss"

Everybody loves Boss on Thursday payday and that’s pretty much it! Kidding!! He has the Woogi logo tattooed on him somewhere (Please don't ask where) which pretty much makes him the only committed one here. Currently trying to grow in his Barista Beard Boss and looking for a constant supply of beard dye to hide the greys.