Woogi Loyalty Card Rewards T’s & C’s….

  1. Loyalty card must be completed in order starting at 1 and finishing at 10.
  2. One (1) reward point will be awarded and your card punched for every hot drink purchased.
  3. A reward or offer is available at the time that the corresponding number is awarded and punched on your loyalty card corresponding to a drink purchase.
  4. If a Reward or offer is available at the time of purchase you have the option to accept the reward or offer only at this time of purchase and not at any later date (subject to item 6, below).
  5. You may but are not obligated to accept any reward or offer available on the Loyalty card as they become available.
  6. Any reward or offer on the Loyalty Card is subject to in store availability at the time of purchase. (In the event that a reward is unavailable at the time of purchase, you may ask a Woogi crew member to punch the next number in the sequence and you may redeem the reward on a return visit).
  7. When the loyalty card is completed (10 purchases), you have the option to enter your name and preferred contact (email or phone) onto the card and enter the card for the chance to win a Woogi loyalty reward.
  8. Each completed card will be considered one entry.
  9. If you have completed more than one loyalty card in a month then you may enter multiple times for that month.
  10. You must enter your name and preferred contact onto the loyalty card to enter.
  11. Your name and contact details will be used for the purposes of identifying and contacting you should you be successful in winning a rewards prize.
  12. Entries will only be accepted in an official entry box available in store at Woogi.
  13. Woogi reward(s) will be drawn on the 1st day of each calendar month (or next business day), and only completed cards entered by the last business day of the previous month will be eligible for entry into that months draw.
  14. Completed cards will only be entered into the draw for a chance to win a reward for the month that they have been entered and not for any future draws.
  15. The reward(s) available for the current month will be available to be viewed on the Woogi website (woogiespresso.com.au) from the first week of each month.
  16. If you are the winner of a reward, we will attempt to contact you on your preferred contact during our standard business hours of 8.30am to 3.00pm Monday to Friday.
  17. The winner of a reward will also be posted on the Woogi website (woogiespresso.com.au) by the end of the first week of the month.
  18. The winner of a reward will have 10 business days from the time of the draw to contact us to claim the reward.
  19. You may contact us by phone, in store or by email on loyaltyrewards@woogiespresso.com.au.
  20. If the reward remains unclaimed after 10 business days from being drawn, Woogi will redraw the reward and the previous winner will forfeit any right to the reward.